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Mobile speed cameras: here is the latest generation already in service

The good old “owl” mobile radars will soon be replaced. The new generation is arriving and some are already in service. Here’s everything you need to know.

Mobile radars, it’s not from yesterday. Appeared in the middle years 60, the first on-board radars were installed in Peugeot 403 station wagons. Although its beginnings are timid, mobile radar has become more popular over the years to become a real anti-speeding weapon.

End of career for the Mesta 210c

In 2003, is established in France, the Automated Sanction Control (THAT’S IT). It is based around three principles, the permanent presence of control devices, the systematic and rapid sending of fines and the recording of the amount of fines before any possible disputes. After the establishment of the CSA in France, you have, in 2006, the deployment of automatic radars 210 cities et Cities 210cbetter known as radar “owl”.
Since 2006, it is still these radars which are in activity in the territory, although the latter are no longer manufactured since 2016. They can be fixed, clearly visible in their gray box or mobile in the hands of law enforcement.
However, the Mesta 210c experiences a decline in popularity after the recent appearance of radar cars and autonomous radars. So it’s time to replace them. Because yes, as you will see, it exists on the market new generation radars which are intended to replace the now old Mesta 210c.

Radar 2.0

To succeed the “Owl”, we have l’ETFO pour Equipment of Terrain of the Forces of the’Order. The latter will have to meet specifications accurate. They must have the capacity to operate in a closed car trunk, on a shoulder and from a bridge. These next radars will also have to fulfill several functions. Functions that will make them formidable. They will be able to detect speeding on multi-lane roads, in both directions, they will be able to operate day and night and must be equipped with an infrared searchlight.
These radars will therefore be formidable et more effective than the radars currently in service on our roads. These new generation mobile radars have points in common with urban radars. In reality, they are the same devices. They are either placed on a tripod or installed in a cabin. The only difference is in the software they embed.
There are many manufacturers who offer new generation radars which, for some, are already used on our roads but in a very different configuration.

But who will win the call for tenders?

For manufacturers of this type of product, this is a godsend. It is therefore no surprise that several of them are on board. As we have just mentioned, certain latest generation radars are already used in the field.
You have the Cities of Mobile d’Idemia which is the mobile version of urban radars installed at Marseille et Toulouse. There is also the Vitronic PoliScan FM1, which is installed in construction site radars. Or even the T-Seriesa radar which is not approved in France, but the company which manufactures it, Sensys Price installed his system Thousands in radar cars that drive in France. However, there is a model that is expected to replace the “owl”. It’s the Compass from the manufacturer Pariflex which has just been deployed in New Caledonia. Four devices have been installed on the island’s roads. The latter embeds a remote sensing system capable of identifying five speeding tickets per second. If this test is conclusive in New Caledonia it could well be that the Compass arrives in mainland France.

In the meantime, for this model or another to be generalized across the territory in the hands of law enforcement, the government must decide. To be continued !

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