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Tesla Model Y soon to be more expensive?

The American Tesla Model Y RWD and Grande Autonomie configurator announced a price increase on March 1, 2024.

Unfortunately, the popular Tesla Model Y will cost a little more starting from March 1, 2024, at least in the United States. The price of the best-selling car in the world is set to increase by $1,000 from March 1.

The Tesla Model Y $1,000 More Expensive from Mar 1

Tesla has announced that the prices of the Model Y RWD and Grande Autonomie versions will increase from March 1, 2024. However, not all versions of the Model Y will be affected by this price increase. Only the Model Y RWD and High Autonomy will see their price rise. The Model 3 Highland variant has recently seen a price reduction, starting from €55,990, which is good news. There is uncertainty about the exact amount of the increase, but Tesla has stated that it will be “1,000 dollars or more” from March 1.

Will the Increase Affect France?

There is uncertainty about whether Europe and specifically France will also experience this increase of just under €1,000. The current starting prices for the basic Tesla Model Y and the Grande Autonomie in France are €42,990 and €49,990, respectively. Adding a little less than €1,000 to the price of these models should not significantly change their position in the market, but it is likely that the prices of the RWD and Grande Autonomie versions will also increase in France.

It remains unclear why there is a need for this price increase, as it is speculated that a redesign similar to that of the Model 3 Highland will be applied to the Model Y. This could potentially lead to a further reduction in prices, but for now, the increase remains a mystery.

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