What are the automatic gearboxes to avoid?What are the automatic gearboxes to avoid?

What are the automatic gearboxes to avoid?

If you are thinking of buying a car with an automatic gearbox, there are a few models that you should…

1 month ago

He falls asleep at the wheel of his automatic Tesla and endangers everyone!

Even if its vitesse may seem relatively correct, this motorist didn't take the right lanes and braked suddenly. During his…

3 months ago

Parking: soon the end of automatic plate reading?

In Toulouse, the opposition is headwind against the automatic reading of the plates of parked cars. Here's why. [06] Alpes…

3 months ago

Decathlon: soon an electric bike with automatic transmission!

Decathlon has unveiled the B-Twin LD 920 E Connect, a new innovative electric bike, with the particularity of having a…

4 months ago

Automatic emergency braking: a study points to its inefficiency

What if automatic emergency braking systems weren't so effective? An American study highlights the shortcomings of this technology… Today's cars…

6 months ago

Toyota GR Yaris: an automatic transmission under study

Automatic transmissions are more and more common on sports cars: the Toyota GR Yaris could soon offer one, in addition…

1 year ago