New DFSK Fengon 500: a competitor up to the Duster?New DFSK Fengon 500: a competitor up to the Duster?

New DFSK Fengon 500: competitor up to the Duster?

The Dacia Duster is often rightly considered the best value for money on the market. But a new competitor could…

3 months ago

MG7: the new competitor of the A7 Sportback is revealed

The British manufacturer MG is releasing the first images of the MG7, a high-end sedan whose lines are reminiscent of…

10 months ago

Suzuki: competitor to the Dacia Spring by 2023?

Suzuki is reportedly working on a small, low-cost, 100% electric urban crossover for the European market. It should arrive in…

1 year ago

Match Kia EV6 against Tesla Model Y: finally serious competitor!

In the world of premium electric SUVs, Tesla reigns supreme. With a Model Y performer, well finished, technologically very advanced…

1 year ago

Nio ET5: the new Chinese competitor of the Model 3

The Chinese manufacturer unveils the Nio ET5, which aims to dethrone Tesla's bestseller. On the occasion of its annual Nio…

1 year ago