He was driving in a car in poor condition!He was driving in a car in poor condition!

He was driving in car in poor condition!

A car worthy of a wreck circulated as if nothing had happened in the Landes, before being logically removed from…

4 weeks ago

This Porsche in poor condition could go for 75,000 euros

This strange mix between a Volkswagen and a Porsche is on sale. A car in a sorry state, but still…

3 months ago

ZFE Toulouse: polluting cars will be able to drive on one condition

A derogation will be put in place in the ZFE of Toulouse, allowing certain owners of polluting cars to circulate.…

6 months ago

A Ferrari 308 GT4 in terrible condition for sale

Deprived of an engine and attacked from all sides by rust and humidity, this Ferrari 308 GT4 is no longer…

1 year ago