Auto Plus Classiques: the Chevrolet Corvette C4 (1983)

With its impressive shark silhouette, this Corvette is not discreet! Massive proportions, streamlined headlights, vigorous-styled rims and a big V8.…

2 weeks ago

Chevrolet Corvette C8s shattered by tornadoes

The Bowling Green plant in Kentucky, United States, did not escape the many tornadoes that hit the country in early…

4 weeks ago

This Corvette will never park next to a Ford pickup again!

This Ford F-250 didn't pay attention to its surroundings when parking and found itself riding a poor Corvette that hadn't…

1 month ago

A Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport for sale for $ 200,000?

One of the 5 Chevrolet Grand Sport from 1963 for only $ 200,000? Do not dream, this is a replica,…

1 month ago

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