Speeding: a curious method to avoid being trickedSpeeding: a curious method to avoid being tricked

Speeding: curious method to avoid being tricked

In the United States, a man made an astonishing decision and found what seems to be the worst excuse after…

7 days ago

This curious MG is one of the cheapest electric cars in the world

Here is the new MG Comet EV and it costs the equivalent of around 9,000 euros. It has four real…

3 weeks ago

The Pulse Autocycle, curious mix between an airplane and a motorcycle

The Pulse Autocycle is one of the strangest concepts. Designed by an aeronautical engineer, it mixes a motorcycle, a plane…

2 months ago

Gillet: the curious Belgian manufacturer and its funny Vertigo!

Thirty years ago this year, the Gillet Vertigo was presented at the Brussels Motor Show. The opportunity to open the…

1 year ago

Toyota traps the curious with QR code on one of its concept cars

You certainly know the QR code. Those square shape patterns pixelated in black and white, which link to a website…

1 year ago