This department makes a nice gesture for caregiversThis department makes a nice gesture for caregivers

This department makes nice gesture for caregivers

The department of Ain has taken the initiative to make 1,300 cars available to its caregivers at home, all completely…

2 weeks ago

Auto repair: in which department is it the most expensive?

Do you know which department recorded the most car collisions in 2022? Which had the highest repair costs? The Breton…

3 months ago

This department don’t mess with booze and speed

In Seine-et-Marne, the prefect has decided to apply zero tolerance for drivers who are speeding or under the influence of…

3 months ago

Fuel: the nice gesture of this department for its inhabitants

In Côte-d'Or, the most modest workers can benefit from a nice boost in the form of a bonus of 100…

10 months ago

Damien Dekeister travels by hitchhiking in the department of his age!

Damien Dekeister is a northerner, in his sixties who has a taste for life. Each year, he sets himself a…

1 year ago