Tesla: the reason for the price drop discovered?Tesla: the reason for the price drop discovered?

Tesla: the reason for the price drop discovered?

The information surely does not have you escaped : Tesla has drastically lowered the prices of its Model 3 and…

2 months ago

Carpooling: an astonishing scam discovered in Normandy

In Normandy, several motorists have found a loophole to receive carpooling compensation… without carpooling. We explain to you. Although the…

3 months ago

A particularly rare Dodge Daytona discovered after being abandoned for several decades

A YouTuber who loves old cars has discovered an iconic motor racing car, hidden and abandoned in a barn in…

6 months ago

Heron Collection: French pearls discovered in barn!

Barns are often a real Ali Baba's cave! As is particularly the case with the barn of a French engineer,…

11 months ago

The McLaren P1 is discovered thanks to Lanzante

The English specialists at Lanzante cut the roof of a McLaren P1 to create this Spider version. It is therefore…

12 months ago

Abandoned BMW dealership discovered in Spain

Videographers passionate about BMW have got their hands on a dealership of the brand abandoned for more than ten years…

1 year ago