A vehicle drives 25 km with a sleeping driver on board!

The E314 motorway between Houthalen and Lummen was the scene of an original scene. A motorist's car continued to drive…

1 month ago

One car in 10 drives with a tampered meter in France!

A study shows that 10% of cars sold in France “lie” about their mileage. And it's much worse elsewhere in…

7 months ago

Alvis 12/50: an old one from 1931 that drives every day!

The vintage cars are more fashionable than ever. As the cost of new cars continues to rise, the French let…

7 months ago

Esteban Ocon drives the Alpine A110 of the Gendarmerie!

To promote its collaboration with the Gendarmerie, Alpine released a video of its A110 in full swing, with Esteban Ocon…

9 months ago

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