Electric charging: big drop in energy via household sockets?

In its latest study, the ADAC reveals that wall outlets lead to high losses on vehicles when recharging. In its…

2 weeks ago

Tesla Model Y: soon a price drop?

The price of the Tesla Model Y could drop over the next few months, due to the use of new…

3 weeks ago

Mustang Mach-E price drop in Norway: why?

In Norway, the price of the Ford Mustang Mach-E has been lowered. Find out the reason behind this amazing decision…

4 weeks ago

Fuel: will the discount be maintained despite the drop in prices?

While the price of fuel has fallen, can the government decide to remove the discount of 18 cents currently in…

2 months ago

Fuel prices: the drop is confirmed!

In recent weeks, the price of fuel has been falling. A fall that is still confirmed, whether for gasoline and…

2 months ago

Fuel prices: what explains this sudden drop?

For the past few days, the price of fuel has been falling. But what explains this small sudden but welcome…

2 months ago

Sales of new motorhomes drop in 2022!

Vehicle sales figures in July fell. If for two years, vans and motorhomes have the coast, today their popularity is…

2 months ago

Fuel prices: the current drop continues!

Good news ! The price of fuel continues to fall with the liter of SP95 E10 and diesel which now…

2 months ago

Fuel: a small drop in prices this week?

The price of fuel could drop slightly by the end of the week. Nevertheless, we should not expect a strong…

3 months ago

Fuel prices: finally a real drop for diesel!

Diesel has lost no less than six cents in one week. A significant drop, in a context that is difficult…

3 months ago

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