A mad chase between a drug dealer and the police!A mad chase between a drug dealer and the police!

A mad chase between drug dealer and the police!

Pursued by the police, this dealer ran many risks in an attempt to outrun the law enforcement officers. Did he…

4 weeks ago

Drug and alcohol controls increase on the roads

The government wants to tighten the screw against drivers taking the road under the influence of alcohol or narcotics by…

1 month ago

Carpooling: the police bring to light drug transport in Blablacar!

Is Blablacar really secure? In Spain, a drug affair led the newspaper El Pais to warn its readers against carpooling……

2 months ago

The withdrawal of the license in the event of drug driving would be useless

According to the association 40 Millions d'Automobiles, withdrawing the license from drivers under the influence of drugs would not help…

3 months ago

A drug trafficking network dismantled in Marseille, traffickers used pink Twingos for their “go fast”

Drug dealers often use powerful sedans for their go fast. This time it was a pink Twingo! The Marseille Criminal…

6 months ago