Many Total stations out of stock due to double discount

Since the start of the discount, many Total service stations have been experiencing stockouts. Find out why. The Casino brand…

3 weeks ago

Electric cars: more accidents due to acceleration?

According to a study by the insurer AXA, the risk of collision would be higher for electric cars because of…

1 month ago

A lithium plant is due to open in Alsace in 2025

The Alsatian company Viridian Lithium will build the first French lithium production plant for the manufacture of batteries. Electric cars…

4 months ago

Beijing Motor Show postponed due to Covid

A few days before its opening, the Beijing Motor Show is postponed. Also called Auto China 2022, the Covid-19 got…

6 months ago

Porsche Taycan production halted due to component shortage

Russia's invasion of Ukraine amplifies supply problems, which has forced Porsche to halt production of its Taycan. After the pandemic,…

7 months ago

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