Video: DRUNK, he destroys his Toyota Hilux against a Mercedes E-Class

One wonders what this motorist had been drinking. On board his Toyota Hilux pick-up, he left an accident with the…

6 days ago

Video: She crashes her Mercedes E-Class by forgetting the handbrake!

It doesn't take much for a car to be self-driving these days. Between the discreet electrical system and the automatic…

2 months ago

Mercedes E-Class: a new Night Edition special series

The range of the Mercedes E-Class is enriched with the arrival of a new special edition called Night Edition, and…

5 months ago

Bamin BM: Chinese Mercedes E-Class (4X4)

Until recently, Chinese automakers cared little about intellectual property and copied European cars. The Bamin is a striking example! Bamin…

7 months ago

Mercedes suspends E-Class orders in Germany

As with its G-Class, Mercedes has suspended taking orders for E-Class sedans in Germany. The brand cannot keep up with…

8 months ago

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