Electrical retrofit: the Government unveils its action planElectrical retrofit: the Government unveils its action plan

Electrical retrofit: the Government unveils its action plan

The French Government has unveiled its national action plan in favor of electrical retrofitting: here are the various measures of…

1 month ago

Carrefour: partnership with Driveco for electrical terminals

Carrefour is joining forces with Driveco to install electric charging stations in the car parks of its Market supermarkets. Finding…

2 months ago

Electrical retrofit: Electrogenic offers conversion kits

The British company Electrogenic has designed retrofit kits to transform old cars into 100% electric models with a complete solution.…

7 months ago

Why install an electrical terminal at your home?

If you own an electric car, consider installing a charging station at your home. Discover the advantages of this arrangement.…

12 months ago

Electrical retrofit: how much does it cost?

If you don't want to abandon your old car but convert it to electric, retrofitting is the ideal solution. We…

1 year ago

Renault: the electrical division could have 10,000 jobs in France

Renault is putting the package on its transition to electric! Losange wants to launch an independent 100% electric division, which…

1 year ago