This Ford Mustang driver has put the gas: he ends up in the rail!

Turning right at an intersection is not a difficult exercise: this American driver nevertheless lost control of his Ford Mustang,…

2 weeks ago

A teenager steals his mother’s car and his ride ends up in jail!

Near Rouen, a mother must not have been happy to see the police arrive at her house one fine morning.…

2 weeks ago

Should we expect a spike in fuel prices as soon as the government handover ends?

While motorists take advantage of a 30-cent discount on fuel, what could happen at the end of it? The Casino…

3 weeks ago

England ends eco-bonus for electric cars

England is scrapping the £1,500 eco bonus for electric car buyers, which has been in place since 2011. The ecological…

4 months ago

A van ends up on a balcony on the 5th floor!

On June 3, a rather unusual photo made the buzz on social networks. This is an image in which you…

4 months ago

In trying to save a jet-ski, a Porsche ends up in the water

In Hendaye, a man had a bad surprise when he saw his superb Porsche car sink into the water. It…

4 months ago

His exhaust makes too much noise, his car ends up in the pound

A Sunday driver who changed his exhaust voluntarily made noise in the city center of Ghent, Belgium. Spotted by the…

6 months ago

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