Hopium: the hydrogen manufacturer sets up its factory in Normandy!

Hopium, which is preparing a hydrogen sedan made in France, has decided to set up its first factory in Normandy.…

2 weeks ago

Shortages: manufacturers multiply factory closures

While the start of the school year should be synonymous with the resumption of production, manufacturers are still facing serious…

1 month ago

Hyundai accused of employing children in a factory in the United States

A scandal hits Hyundai in the United States: a subcontractor held by the manufacturer has been accused of employing children…

2 months ago

Gigafactory Tesla: the largest factory in the world seen by a drone!

This extreme factory leads directly to an innovative future. In addition to cars, it creates batteries, and influences the use…

6 months ago

VinFast: $2 billion for its new factory

The Vietnamese manufacturer has announced a massive investment in the United States, for the establishment of a new production site…

6 months ago

Tesla factory in Shanghai closed for containment

Tesla must close its Shanghai factory for a few days because of a new wave of Covid-19 contamination. This confinement…

6 months ago

Tesla factory in Berlin: “Delivery Day” on March 22!

In a few days, the first buyers of the ModelY should be able to pick up their car on site…

7 months ago

Volkswagen: two billion for a new factory in Wolfsburg

Volkswagen has announced an investment of two billion euros for a new factory dedicated to electric cars near Wolfsburg. Volkswagen…

7 months ago

War in Ukraine: Renault factory in Moscow shut down

The war raging in Ukraine is destabilizing industry in both countries. In Russia, production at the Renault factory in Moscow…

7 months ago

Audi: a new electric car factory in China

The German manufacturer is starting the construction of a new factory in Changchun, China, for the production of 100% electric…

7 months ago

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