This Ford Mustang driver has put the gas: he ends up in the rail!

Turning right at an intersection is not a difficult exercise: this American driver nevertheless lost control of his Ford Mustang,…

2 weeks ago

Fuel discount: foreigners are flocking to our gas stations

French motorists are not the only ones to benefit from the discount on fuel! Indeed, foreigners are also numerous to…

4 weeks ago

Fuel Discount: Gas Stations Out of Stock

Many service stations have experienced stockouts, due to the 30 cent discount on the price of fuel. The Purchasing Power…

4 weeks ago

Electric car: recharging more expensive than a full tank of gas?

In England, filling the battery of your electric car will soon cost more than filling it up with fuel. When…

1 month ago

An outdoor hotel room at a gas station? It’s possible !

Dubbed the “Null Stern Anti-Idyllic Suite,” this aptly named “hotel room” is located near a gas station in the municipality…

3 months ago

Fuel prices: this gas station offers unbeatable prices!

A small petrol station located in Coupiac, in the Aveyron, has been offering unbeatable prices on fuel for 30 years:…

3 months ago

Don’t Delay Your Fill Up: Gas Prices Continue to Rise

Gasoline prices continue to rise, and even if diesel seems to be falling slightly, the situation is not ready to…

5 months ago

Can I be reimbursed for gas expenses by my employer?

While the price of fuel is at its highest, can you be reimbursed by your employer when you are an…

6 months ago

Fuel prices: some gas stations prefer to close

As the price of fuel explodes, some service stations prefer to close, for various and varied reasons. This is a…

7 months ago

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