Honda: a computer bug brings back to 2002!

What year did we spend on January 1st? In 2022 or in 2002? If for us the answer is clear,…

1 week ago

Honda NSX officially disappears from catalog

If you dream of a Honda NSX, you will have to hurry: the hybrid supercar will be withdrawn from the…

3 weeks ago

This Honda Civic develops more than 2,000 hp!

What is the result of mixing a Honda Civic and a Corvette 7.0-liter V8? This 2,000 horsepower monster ready to…

1 month ago

Honda HR-V test (2021): finally success in France?

The Honda HR-V is one of World's best-selling SUVs. However, in France, he is unknown to the battalion. The fault,…

1 month ago

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