Hydrogen vehicle: where are we in France in 2022?

With confidential sales and stations, hydrogen technology is struggling to break through in France, but could find its interest in…

7 days ago

Audi h-tron Glaciah: an SUV that runs on hydrogen?

The private car is gradually being converted to electric. But some manufacturers are trying to resist, or rather, to imagine…

1 week ago

Hyundai continues to develop hydrogen vehicles

The Korean manufacturer has confirmed its willingness to develop hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. A few days ago, we learned that…

2 weeks ago

Hydrogen: Stellantis delivers its first utility vehicles

The automotive group has started deliveries of its first hydrogen-powered Citroën ë-Jumpy, Peugeot ë-Expert and Opel Vivaro-e, with an original…

1 month ago

A third of taxis and VTCs will be electric or hydrogen in 2029

A new decree will oblige the fleets of taxis and cars with drivers to convert to electricity and hydrogen, via…

1 month ago

Why don’t Tesla run on hydrogen?

They have been the car of the future for 10 years, Tesla are electric but yet forget about hydrogen, and…

1 month ago

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