Monster pileup due to dust stormMonster pileup due to dust storm

Monster pileup due to dust storm

On this May 1st, the highway workers have not been idle so that traffic can resume after a pileup involving…

4 weeks ago

A Tesla stacks and causes monster pileup!

A Tesla drastically reduced its speed on the highway and caused a pile-up involving eight cars. Because of the autopilot?…

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Video: A bus, snow, and pileup worthy of Domino Day!

On a Canadian road, a bus went into a spin because of the snow after trying to stop to drop…

6 months ago

Video: He blows priority and causes a crazy pileup!

A pile-up caused by a bus and a car has killed several people (and a miracle) in the city center…

7 months ago

Video: He brakes on the highway and creates HUGE pile-up

A video shows us how simple braking on a highway can have serious consequences. This is the case of this…

8 months ago