Swedish researchers develop the first female crash test dummy!

Swedish researchers have just developed a rather interesting innovation for crash tests… you had to think about it! Swedish researchers…

4 weeks ago

Polestar 3: the Swedish brand’s first electric SUV

The Swedish premium manufacturer unveils the Polestar 3, its first electric SUV which promises a range of more than 600…

2 months ago

Volvo EX90, what we already know about the Swedish SUV

Volvo has unveiled the first information on the new flagship of the Swedish brand, the EX90, which will soon replace…

2 months ago

Saab 9-3 Viggen: history of the Swedish fighter plane

Before making technically and technologically daring cars, Saab made airplanes. So what could be better than paying homage to this…

7 months ago

5 things to know about the Swedish manufacturer Polestar!

Polestar, a car brand specializing in high-end vehicles, has a unique history. Here are some anecdotes! Polestar follows the same…

11 months ago

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