Video: truck too high + deck too low = BIG cat!

Truck too high + bridge too low = generally cat! And while it's fun to watch, it shouldn't cause much…

2 weeks ago

Daimler Truck: profits up in the second quarter of 2022

Daimler Truck has released its sales figures for the second quarter of 2022, with some 120,961 units sold. Despite the…

2 months ago

Crash: A train “explodes” a truck carrying luxury cars!

Big scare in the United States! A collision took place between a train and a truck carrying several luxury cars,…

3 months ago

Incredible: This Dakar truck has become a motorhome!

A Dakar service and assistance truck from the 2000s has been transformed into an off-road motorhome by a professional company.…

4 months ago

This Mercedes Atego truck has been transformed into an extreme motorhome!

Sumptuous: this is the word that would correspond to this magnificent motorhome which is, basically, an all-terrain Mercedes Atego truck.…

6 months ago

Video: a monster truck arrives at Hoonigan!

American driver Ryan Anderson and his Son-uva Digger monster truck landed in Hoonigan's yard. If you know them, you know…

6 months ago

This 6-wheel military truck makes a great motorhome!

This imposing double-axle truck is ready for adventure: complete kitchen, large bed, real shower, it even has solar panels! And…

6 months ago

This Mini Truck Driver Gets Ridiculously Stuck

A small van finds itself in a very bad position after its driver wanted to take an improbable shortcut. When…

8 months ago

This truck stayed on the edge of a cliff for 3 days!

Some roads are more dangerous than others… This truck paid the price when it got stuck on the edge of…

9 months ago

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