Vintage vehicles and ZFE: Soon a Crit’Air “collection” sticker

The derogation granted to vehicles with a “collection” gray card in low-emission zones being on the right track, it remains…

2 months ago

Should you still buy a vintage car?

This is a dream, a fantasy for many lovers of beautiful cars. The temptation of classic car. Ride around town…

2 months ago

Porsche 911 G electric, vintage brought up to date!

Recently, a Porsche 911 G Cabriolet underwent a restomod with an electric motor from BMW i3. A rather impressive modernization.…

4 months ago

A boom in vintage cars to come?

According to a recent study, there could be a veritable explosion in the number of classic cars in the next…

5 months ago

Crit’Air: vintage cars will soon have their sticker

Previously exempt from Crit'Air, owners of classic cars will have to go through the vignette box. But it will allow…

6 months ago

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